What I eat in a day at Uni – breakfast, lunch, dinner and most importantly, snack options!!

Uni life is often quite hectic and the days are often very split up, lecture times being here, there and everywhere. So it’s important to be able to make meals that are super quick and easy, at the same time as being healthy. It’s often tempting to think, ‘oh I’ll just grab a quick meal,’ but in reality eating meal deals on the regular is often not the best idea your for health, not to mention how much they can add up to. Today I spent £5 on a lunch to take to the library, when in reality I should have spent that on an actual food shop that would have lasted me a few meals! Making your own food is nearly always the better option. I think students can be led into believing that making healthy meals means taking longer for less flavour. However that really isn’t the case! So, here are some of the things I tend to eat in a day at Uni when I’m cooking for myself:

For breakfast I’ll have..

PORRIDGE! (I genuinely look forward to breakfast so much now I have this every morning). You can buy huge bags of plain oats for a really cheap price. They honestly last ages! Buying something like this means you don’t have to always think about getting breakfast ideas in. I heat porridge in a pan with almond or oat milk (is a great alternatives to dairy and also lasts a lot longer in the fridge before going off in comparison to dairy milk). Into the porridge I sometimes add frozen blueberries, it makes the porridge pink and they tend to burst a little leaving the porridge tasting super fruity. One thing I always add into my porridge is cacao powder. Certain supermarkets sell it far cheaper than health food shops, so make sure you shop around for the best price. Anyway, cacao powder, (beware Cacao is not the same as Cocoa) makes my porridge literally taste of coco pops, but it’s also so good for you!! It’s a win win situation. I can also recommend to top the porridge with either banana or strawberries too.

Lunches on the Go..

Ok, so I literally have one go-to lunch which might probably sound very boring at first. However, the ingredients taste SO good together whilst also lasting pretty much the whole week in the fridge. It’s ideal as you don’t have to spend money on constantly buying new ingredients. I nearly always have couscous salads for lunch. I find this to be such a great ingredient as it is cheap and lasts for a very long time. The salad honestly takes me no more than 5 minutes to make which is the bomb. I put couscous in a bowl, and simply add, sundried tomatoes (key ingredient!!), rocket, red onion, feta, cucumber, sweet chilli sauce, and a blob of greek yogurt on the side. I don’t know why but when it’s all mushed together it tastes great. If you eat meat, you might want to add a bit of chorizo into the mix too.

Favourite dinner right now..

At the moment I’m loving vegetarian sausage flatbreads. Supermarkets quite often have the vegetarian sausages on offer for £1. They taste so good! I buy flatbreads, usually a pack of 6 for less than £2, heat them up a little, and put sausage, feta cheese, rocket, avocado and sweet chilli sauce inside. It really does taste yummy. I like to have a big dollop of mayo on the side too!

Snacks for inbetween..

Snacks are my biggest downfall, I literally can’t get through the day without them! One of my fave snacks is celery or pepper, dipped in hummus. I always crave this after the gym I have no idea why! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then one of my faves is a soya vanilla pudding yoghurt. They taste like vanilla custard and I can’t get enough of them! You might want to have these with freshly chopped fruit, a homemade crumble or cinnamon cooked apple.

And that’s my ‘what I eat in a day’ summed up! All these meals are soo quick and easy, which makes them perfect for a student like you! We need those quick food fixes, nothing worse than getting ‘hangry’, (hungry and angry mixed together, haha)! Thank you for reading, eat away!!
You’ll hear from me soon again.


Ames x


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