Tips and Tricks for your Video Pitch

Got an idea? Perfect! Now it’s time to make your video pitch and submit! Set aside a day/weekend and you could be jetting off to California in no time with the Virgin Galactic Unite Challenge!

We’ve collected together these trusty tips to help you get there:

Lights, Camera, Action!

These three are probably the best places to start. You have your idea, you might have even written a script, written post-its on a wall or made a long list of bullet points. Here’s how you turn create an AMAZING video pitch:

Make sure you have good lighting. Natural light is the best, it makes everyone look healthy and is free (unlike massive spotlights that some professionals use).

Even if you’re not going to be filming yourself, it’s always good to be able to see the video clearly.
There’s no right or wrong way of pitching. Past winners have sat directly in front of the camera and spoken, others have used free stock images or a powerpoint with a voiceover and others have even produced animations.
Whatever you do, make sure that the video is clear. Ask a friend to check if they can see everything without stopping the video.
If you’re recording people, are they in focus? If you’re using text, can you read what it says?

Your camera doesn’t have to be high-tech. You probably have a perfectly good one in your pocket. Your smartphone is a great camera as it’s light and easy to carry with you. You can even edit on it! (See below for some more tips ).

If you’ve already got good lighting, you’re ready to go. You can grab a friend to film you, lean it against a bookcase or even just film yourself (maybe try a selfie stick for a stable shot).

The only thing you have to be careful about is sound. Make sure wherever you’re recording is fairly quiet, with no music in the background or heavy wind! If you’ve got a great idea, we want to be able to hear it! If you’ve already filmed something but the sound isn’t great, don’t panic, you can just re-record the sound as a voiceover.

Just start! If you’ve never made a video before then the best advice I can give is to just give it a go. Don’t be hard on yourself, trust in your idea (I already know it’s great!) and get filming.

The judges aren’t looking for the next Steven Spielberg, they just want to be able to see your great idea explained clearly, with evidence of research and why it’ll work in real life.

If you still need some tips for how to actually make the video, here are some tips of how to edit on your phone:

When you film try and do it in one take. That way the film is all in one place and you can edit out the bits where you make a mistake or forget what you needed to say. So rather than filming and stopping if you get it wrong, keep rolling!!!!!!!!! Then you can edit when you’re completely finished. 

You can edit great clips on your phone. The examples below are made on Kinemaster (available on iPhone and Android). I also really like to use iMovie and Adobe Clip (they’re all free software). If you want to use your laptop, there are great tools that you can use (e.g. iMovie, Lightworks) which are also free. Nearly all the apps allow you to export directly to Youtube – which makes life even easier! 

Once you’ve finished you can directly upload to YouTube, copy your Youtube video link and paste it into your Lifestart submission. Congrats you’ve submitted to a challenge! 

Below I’ve made some quick starter points for video pitching. I’ve made all these tutorials on the app itself. Using the voiceover tool and record feature on my phone. All of these apps have amazing How-tos on Youtube so make sure you check out some cool effects that you can do with little to no effort. Take a look if you need some help with Kinemaster, or iMovie.

How to Cut:

I don’t pretend to be a video wizz, but the videos are clear and concise. I used the voiceover on both as I like that it can guide my viewers through. There’s a watermark on these clips but I can promise you, our judges won’t mind. Just remember to be creative, communicate clearly and explain why your idea will work.

Have a play around and we can’t wait to receive your pitches!

Cleo x