Post-University Plans – What, How and Where?!

I honestly think the thought of leaving University is one of the most scary, daunting and off putting thoughts! It seems like there is no guidance, the education bubble has popped, and off into the adult world we go. I’m terrified, and I’m sure just like a lot of you, I really have no idea what to expect or what I’m doing. But, I’m here to reassure you that it’s ok.

I think so much pressure is put on us as young people to figure out exactly what we want to do once we have finished our degrees. We all get the classic, ‘So what do you want to do after uni?’, question flinged at us a million times a day, (and it gets even worse when you go home for the holidays and see the family)!
It’s fine to be scared, and it’s fine to not know what your plan is. I’m 21 years old and have my whole life ahead of me, there shouldn’t be any stress when it comes to deciding on your future career at such a young age. Don’t stress! 🙂 JUST DO YOU! Focus on the task at hand, which is getting your degree!

If you don’t know what you want to do after uni then maybe read our blogpost about finding your dream job but whatever you do, just don’t panic!

If you can apply for jobs where possible or maybe you apply for a Masters or Phd course – you need to decide what which next step is right for you. I’ve applied to quite a few different jobs already through website recommendations from the uni careers service – Nearly all unis have a website like this, so take advantage of any free service now, it really does help!!!! However, none of them have worked out – yet I noticed a lot of the marketing jobs I applied for wanted on the spot graduates, and some said they would hold my C.V until next summer. There are so many twists and turns when applying for jobs that are not to be expected. Don’t worry if there are certain aspects that throw you off. I had a rubbish experience through one interview, (I will save that for another blog post)! But you can’t let it put you off.

If you don’t even know what kind of route you want to go down job wise after uni, focus on what you enjoy the most. Yes, money is good, but look at the jobs you are really going to enjoy, even if that doesn’t mean earning the most. Look at what you enjoy studying, go online, and research what type of jobs can come out of that certain area. You’ll find with most degrees, the skills are so transferable that you can often apply for whatever job you want, (within reason haha). Doing an English degree, of course I wouldn’t be able to become a stem cell scientist, but I could do: marketing, publishing, teaching, advertising, branding, PR… the list goes on! Don’t feel trapped by your subject choice.

When applying for jobs, also think about the area you want to live in. It’s so important to feel at home where you live, whether that’s staying in your university city, going home, or moving to a completely different area! Look into places you have perhaps been and loved, and see what is going there for you! For me personally, I’m from the Peak District near Sheffield, I go to Uni in Lincoln, but I want to move to Nottingham, Sheffield or perhaps Manchester because I feel at home in all of those cities.

One thing we have to remember is that the jobs we’ll end up doing won’t look like the ones our parents did. We’ll probably change our mind, try things out and start and re-start different careers.

Enjoy the ride and during university don’t stress about what’s to come afterwards, otherwise you won’t enjoy your time studying to the full. We’re only young and have many years to figure it out.

All the best,