Help determine who win’s the People’s Choice Prize this time!


It’s time for another people’s choice award! 🎉 which of course means we need YOU! 🎉

We’ve selected the runners-up for the SONY Pictures Challenge – they are: Joe Dimambro, Calvin Sim with individual submissions and a team submission by Connor Shotton-Oza, Daniel Pool and Uzair Saleh.

Now it’s up to you, who’ll receive £250 in cash, a Virgin Experience Day voucher, a LinkedIn recommendation and the glory of being a StudentLifeStart People’s Choice Challenge Winner!

We’ll raffle a Virgin Experience Day voucher amongst all participants who vote – so you win too!

Joe Dimambro’s submission:

Calvin Sim’s submission:

Connor Shotton-Oza, Daniel Pool and Uzair Saleh’s submission:

Who is it going to be?

VOTE NOW! (Now closed)

You’ve got until the 15th of August, 2018 to vote and participate in the raffle for a Virgin Experience Day voucher!

EDIT: Watch Cleo announcing who won!