Announcing the winners of the Virgin Galactic Unite Challenge

We’re celebrating each and everyone of you who had the guts to submit a video and we hope you all celebrate no matter what. You’ve learnt something new, you’ve thought differently and pitched an idea that’s good for the future of everyone!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the winners of the Virgin Galactic Unite Challenge are…. 🥁🥁🥁

🥇Matthew Riding and Diana Avadanii from the University of Oxford will be visiting the spaceport in California and also win £1000 in cash from Virgin Money. They are our Gold Winners!

They answered the Challenge question in an educational, forward thinking and creative way and on top of it all crafted a fantastic presentation! Well done!

🥈Bartu Kaleagasi and Daniel Chipping from UCL are our Silver winners. Their enthusiasm and their storytelling blew us away and we’re already signing the big bold check for £500 they’ll receive from Virgin Money.

🥉Manchester Metropolitan University’s Katie O’Brien’s personal story, her witty contextualisation and lateral thinking impressed us greatly and we’d love to announce she’s the Bronze winner of the Virgin Galactic Unite Challenge and will receive £250 pounds from Virgin Money. (We hope it’s ok everyone now knows your childhood secrets).

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