How to make a winning pitch

What makes a winning LifeStart pitch?

You’ve got an idea for a LifeStart Challenge. Wohoooo! But how do you make sure that it becomes THE winning video pitch? (There’s £1000 and a trip to Virgin Galactic’s space station in California at stake after all.)

Read on for tips on how to structure your video and what cool techniques you can use. We’ll cover exactly what the judges will be looking for in our Virgin Galactic Unite Challenge (Deadline 14th Dec at midnight!) and what previous winning pitches have looked like.

What are the judges looking for?

You can find out for yourself by watching our judges give their thoughts and feedback to the previous LifeStart challenge rounds. We’ve listed our biggest takeaways and what we think you need to focus on:

1) Make sure your idea is CLEAR
Be clear, concise and explain everything. The judges need to be able to understand everything that you’re trying to say and explain.

2) Structure your pitch

We know you have a great idea but take it step by step. Whether you set the scene first or head straight into what your idea is. Make sure that your pitch flows like a short story. (If you’re unsure, you can ask a friend to check if your structure makes sense)

3) Validate your idea
Show that you’ve answered the challenge question. Whether that’s showing you’ve done research or demonstrating knowledge of the industry, you want the judges to realise your idea is a no brainer.

4) What will it change?
Your idea doesn’t have to be groundbreaking but why will it help anyone? The judges love to see challenge ideas that can help make a difference to the world and make everyone better off.

5) Video Pitch
The content is THE most important (you don’t have to be a professional filmmaker). Read Tips and Tricks for Your Video Pitch if you’re a complete video newbie.

6) Show what you can do!
Whether it’s a new found skill or something you’re great at, show off your special MAGIC in your pitch

Want to size up the previous competition? LifeStart winners never look the same. Below are just some of the ways our previous winners have submitted a challenge, but don’t feel like you need to copy them! We’re always looking for something original that has a personal touch.

Here is what a winning pitch can look like:

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