Where to look for interesting entry-level jobs in the UK


Have you been refreshing job boards over and over again hoping for something interesting to pop up? Here are eight job boards we believe should be on your radar.

Whether you want to be a writer, a digital product manager, a designer or a developer, here are the job boards where you might find your luck or at least something interesting to fill your day with.

Escape the City


A very special job board where you’ll find a great number of social-impact jobs. Whether it’s sustainable SMEs, NGOs or people-focused businesses, this is the job board for people who know they aren’t interested in climbing the corporate ladder.

Creative Guild


If you fancy a career in tech or the creative industries and want to see what jobs are available worldwide then this is the job board for you. It’s dependent on the monthly gathering Creative Mornings, which, if you haven’t heard about before should find a spot in your calendar next month.

The Dots


On The Dots, you’ll find jobs less ordinary. It’s for anyone and everyone who doesn’t want to wear a suit to work. It’s a website where you can also create a portfolio and actually show the work you’ve created.

Charity Job


If you’d prefer to work in the NGO sector, then you’ll most likely find many interesting opportunities on Charity Job. It’s UK’s largest platform to find not for profit jobs. Whether you aspire to work as a campaign manager, a fundraiser or anything else that’s related to doing good, this is the place where you might get lucky.

Arts Jobs


If you see yourself working in the arts or at a cultural institution, try to look for jobs on Arts Jobs. Whether you aspire to become a singer, an actor, a show producer or even a developer in the arts sector, this is the platform to find your dream job.

Journo Resources


Aspire to become a writer or a journalist? Want to type, type, type all day long? Then Journo Resources is where you might find someone to pay you for doing just that. The site also offers insightful information on average salaries and lists events to find industry mentors.



If you dream of working from home, at a beach or at your favorite café, Wanderbrief is a platform that specialises in remote jobs and might be just what you are looking for if you want to work from anywhere and roam the world. Just to warn you, getting these sort of jobs might be easier once you have a bit of work experience.



If your dream is to work in media or advertising, then you’ll most likely get lucky when looking for jobs on Mediargh. It doesn’t always have hundreds of opportunities but those that are listed could be the perfect fit for your media talents.f

Github Jobs


If you aspire to work as a developer – frontend or backend – then Github is where you’ll find the sort of jobs you’re looking for. You might find something in the gaming industry, at a startup or even at a corporate company.

You can also always look for jobs on the Guardian, Indeed, Monster and many others. We just wanted to share some of the more specialised platforms to give you a taste of the different alternatives. Do you have a tip for where to look for jobs? Please share them with us on: facebook.com/slifestart.

We cannot wait to learn about other job boards and we’re sure our community is too!