Is a year abroad worth it? Here is what our community says!

In short: Yes! Whoever we asked in our community said: Do it! You might have already left home to be at university and it might have felt like a big step. Now going abroad – possibly somewhere where you don’t speak the language – might feel like an even bigger step. Yet, it’s also a great adventure!

When we talked to June A. from Edinburgh University, she told us how she most enjoyed the food! “I went to Austin Texas! It’s on the border of Mexico so they had the most amazing ‘Tex-Mex’ food, really cheap sushi and huge portions of just about anything else you can think of.” Going somewhere new will also introduce you to different hobbies and possible interests you might have not even known you had: “Game season during first semester where you get to watch all the American football games at the stadium was definitely a highlight! Besides that just living the classic American college experience – there’s a huge greek scene there, so loads of frat parties and free drinks. Oh and sunshine all year round.”

Yet, it’s not always just about parties. Dan S. from King’s College London was mostly intrigued by the different lifestyle and the history of the city he chose as his new home. “I spent my Erasmus year studying social sciences at the Humboldt University in Berlin. What I enjoyed most was living in such a dynamic city. Berlin has a vivid history and you can see traces of it everywhere. You can feel an electrifying legacy. I also loved the fact that I took all my classes in German and felt like I was one of the students there.”

You’ll clearly pick up some language skills and most of all learn more about the foreign culture first hand. Alex D from KCL went for a semester to Sydney. “I enjoyed the opportunity of discovering a new country, culture and continent that an exchange programme brought me. It also helped me gain more independence and broadened my views and understanding of people with vastly different backgrounds than my own.”

Sophie P. from King’s College London who we caught up with only shared praises of her time abroad. “I lived in Paris and taught at two colleges on the north side of the city. I loved the abundance of cultural institutions, cafés and parks to stroll around – I was never short of something beautiful to see, do or eat!”

In summary: if you are curious, love exotic foods and immersing yourself in foreign cultures then all we can say is: YES! YES! YES! You should definitely go! Just pick a place you’ll probably want to visit regularly as you grow older. It pays off having international friends. 🙂