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How can a virtual Assistant help humans manage money better?

This challenge is closed and the winners have been announced

Challenge winners
GOLD: Annabel Wright
The gold winner of our LifeStart Challenges is Annabel Wright from Bangor University. She pitched Dynamic Classroom, a great way to facilitate learning by removing the walls of a classroom to implement the benefits of educating outdoors. She won £1000 in cash, £100 Virgin Experience Days voucher and work experience with Think for the Future. Congrats, Annabel!
SILVER: Jack Newton
The silver winner of our LifeStart challenges is Jack Newton from Bangor University. He pitched a clever billboard campaign using jigsaw pieces to motivate students to vote while they commute to uni. The jigsaw pieces each have their own QR code which lead to a website where students can unlock the full picture together. He won £500 in cash, £100 Virgin Experience Days voucher and the opportunity to make this idea happen with JCDecaux. They also get a mentoring session with Virgin Money. Nice work, Jack!
BRONZE: Eva Jenkins, Lore Brosens & Saskia Cillier
The bronze winner of our LifeStart challenges is Eva Jenkins and her team mates, Lore Brosens and Saskia Cilliers from Cardiff Metropolitan University. They pitched an easy-to-set-up banking app that helps you stay on budget with automatic budget updates and a virtual personal assistant. They won £250 in cash, a £100 Virgin Experience Days voucher and an internship and mentoring from Virgin Money. Well done!

What you need to know

The challenge

What ways could you use technology like artificial intelligence to create a rewarding, enjoyable and useful experience for customers?

Banks are going through a transition, digitizing their services. New Start-ups (or Fintech’s as they are known) like Monzo or Starling and even large, established banks like Barclays or Santander are seeking to transform the way customers interact with their services.

It is now possible for banks to use artificial intelligence and chatbots to improve customer service and customer experience through the use of technology while reducing human resources – and cost.

Implemented in a user-centric way, this can provide mutual benefits for banks and customers.

Send us your pitch, introduce us to your virtual assistant, show us how you would improve customer experience and support for banks without disregarding the importance of human interaction.



This challenge is all about increasing awareness of the benefits of improving customer service and experience through technology– for both, customers and the bank.

Do some research into what’s already been done and what technology is out there.
Think creatively about how to apply your solutions in a practical way.


What skills do you need to enter a challenge

What skills do you need to enter a challenge

Focus on how much the idea would improve customer experience, think about the customer needs and practicality of delivery rather than on quality of your presentation.

No specific education is needed to prove you can think in a human-centered way and have an understanding of how to communicate user needs and technical solutions in a comprehensive way.

Ideas to get you thinking

It will be important to gather insight into current offerings to get you thinking about how to raise the bar. Look for what products and services are using this technology effectively? How do financial services evolve their services? How could they get better?

You may find it useful to first do some primary research to understand the needs of potential customers, before you structure and articulate your proposition. Don’t forget to apply a user-centric approach when solving this Challenge.

When thinking about customer needs you may find the articles on Virgin Money Living useful.


Remember, you can be as creative and visionary as you like. We want to see great ideas and innovative applications of new technologies.

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