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Create a concept to inspire students with the infinite potential of space exploration and you could win a trip to the Virgin Galactic spaceport in California.

Deadline 20181214
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our rewards

our rewards

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– A trip for 2 to California for an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company.
– Visit Virgin’s London headquarters in London and meet with Virgin Galactic Commercial team for a mentoring session.

Additional cash prizes:
– Gold: £1000
– Silver: £500
– Bronze: £250

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University extra-curricular accreditation (where applicable)
LifeStart Certificate for LinkedIn and your CV
Virgin Money lounge passes

What you need to know

The challenge

Galactic Unite is a Virgin Galactic outreach initiative harnessing space to inspire a generation. Millions of people would love to experience space and Virgin Galactic hopes to make space open to everybody.

Despite the vastness, complexities and discoveries that have yet to be solved on Earth, humankind has always been fascinated with space. The urge to see what lies just over the horizon has helped us identify new resources, and taught us skills to overcome complex challenges.

You can solve this Challenge in two simple ways:

(A) You can pitch us a concept that highlights the benefits of space exploration and how it can help Earth.

Or (B) pitch how you would engage students in space exploration’s potential.

Raise interest in space exploration and generate ideas that will capture the imagination of the world and spark interest in what Virgin Galactic and Galactic Unite are seeking to achieve.



History has already shown that space technologies have helped improve our lives here on earth. Inventions such as 3D food printing, scratch-resistant lenses and artificial limbs are a direct result of space innovations. Many believe that it is through space exploration that we’ll find the answers to some of the planet’s greatest challenges. From Hollywood blockbusters to cult science-fiction classics, space isn’t just about scientific discoveries it also unites, develops, and inspires humankind.

What’s most important is that you try to capture the scientific benefits or the natural fascination we have for space. Don’t feel limited to digital. You are free to make use of all sorts of mediums and tools to create your concept. Think about how you would engage students in making space exploration a topic in everyday conversation.

Let’s break this down – it usually takes about 2-3 hours to complete your submission, throw in a little research you can finish the entire Challenge over a couple of evenings (and one of them could be a film night 😇).

Step 1
Given the main prize of this challenge is a trip for two to the Virgin Galactic spaceport in the Mojave Desert in California, we’d recommend for you to enter as a team of two👭👬👫. You could bond over a common mission and often teamwork is what creates better results. If, however, you prefer to work on a project yourself and know you can also motivate yourself, then submit on your own and invite a lucky friend if you win 🤞.

Tips for you

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What skills do you need to enter a challenge

What skills do you need to enter a challenge

By working on a Challenge, you build on the skills you have and get a chance to learn a few things along the way that you can put on your CV. The skills you can build on cover a couple of areas.

Creativity: Every campaigner needs a pinch of creativity. Yet, it’s not really about talent. Your brain is a muscle and thus the more you train it, the better the concepts you’ll come up with.

Strategy: Sometimes you’ll have an incredible idea yet it won’t fit exactly. When working with concepts and propositions it’s important to clearly define, refine and keep things simple and easy to communicate.

Storytelling: Successful concepts often have a good story at their core. Stories help us connect with other people and create a shared narrative. Emotional, particular and violent stories are most memorable to people, the question is what angle you’ll pick to spark interest.

Communication and Presentation skills: It will be important to communicate your idea and proposal effectively. Knowing how to present your idea is key. We require you submit a video, however, it’s up to you whether you tape yourself or do a screencast to communicate your ideas comprehensively.

Team Work: You don’t have to be good at all these things. This is your chance to learn and practice. Find yourself a buddy and submit together.

Ideas to get you thinking

Remember that you’re hoping to capture students imagination with the possibilities of space. Popular culture regularly takes inspiration from space exploration. Why is space such an important symbol for cults like Star Wars, Doctor Who, or Star Trek?

Films are equally impactful from old classics to new blockbusters – have a movie night and work out why the space age is so important and continues to excite people.


Remember, you can be as creative and visionary as you like. We want to see great ideas and innovative applications of new technologies.

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