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How can we encourage young consumers to own or rent digital movies from Sony?

Come up with a creative way to attract 18-24 year olds to own or rent digital movies.

Deadline 20180720
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What you need to know

The challenge

Come up with a way to encourage young people (18-24 year olds) to own or rent digital movies rather than streaming them for free or through a subscription service (such as Netflix).

There are plenty of benefits to buying and renting digital movies. Your challenge is to identify the aspects that are truly valuable to young shoppers and propose a way to market these benefits to them.

Your proposal could be:
– a marketing campaign to promote the benefits of buying and/or renting movies digitally,
– or it could be a product or service that improves what shoppers get when they buy/rent digital movies to add new benefits into the mix.



More videos were created in the last 30 days than TV channels have created in the last 30 years.

The fight for consumers attention spans studio quality films to Youtube shorts and live feeds from friends and family. With so much to watch, the need to own videos has lessened.

However, there are benefits to buying or renting digital movies compared to watching them for free.

1/ First chance to see them after the cinema
When movies finish showing in the cinema, the first (legal!) way you’re able to watch them is most likely through purchasing it (for example on Sky Store, iTunes, Google Play, etc.).
Then 2 weeks later you can rent them digitally or buy them on DVD and Blu-Ray. It’s often not for another year and a half until you’ll find them on subscription services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video.

2/ Extra Features
When you buy movies you often get behind the scenes extras (making of, gag reel, extra scenes, director commentary, etc.) that you won’t find anywhere else.

3/ You Own it
If you’ve bought it rather than rented it will be yours to keep and watch again and again. Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video are in constant negotiations with movie makers about what they have on their services. So while you may be able to find a movie on Netflix today, there’s no guarantee it will be there tomorrow.

4/ The Breadth of Choice
The array of choices available to you if you’re buying or renting digitally is larger than what you’ll find anywhere else – on normal TV, on Netflix, or your local Tesco or HMV on DVD.

Each movies timings are different, however, as a general rule, release timings follow the pattern in the illustration.


What do we mean when we say “own, rent, and subscribe digitally”?

Owning – this is where you pay a one-off amount (e.g. £9.99) to buy a movie and you keep it in your digital locker forever (e.g. iTunes, Google Play, Sky Store).

Renting – this is where you pay a one-off amount (e.g. £4.49) to stream a movie once within 48 hours of paying for it (e.g. iTunes, Google Play, Sky Store).

Subscribing – this is where you pay a monthly fee (e.g. £7.99) to access all of the movies on a service to watch them as many times as you like (e.g. Netflix).

For this challenge we want you to think about OWNING and RENTING rather than subscribing.

What skills do you need to enter a challenge

What skills do you need to enter a challenge

This real world business challenge will need you to address at least one of the following:

Leading with Insight – Show that you understand what 18-24 year old consumers want/need. Your submission will be built around a proposal that taps into what delights these shoppers or solves a problem that they have making their lives easier.

Marketing Creativity – As you’ve seen in the background section above, knowing when and where to find movies can be quite confusing. We would love your marketing campaign to be simple to understand while harnessing the joy that movies bring to people.

Commercial Nous – We have listed some of the benefits of digital movies as we see them, but we would love if you uncover other benefits that are more important (these could be things that already exist, or that you propose we add to digital movies to make them more appealing).

Ideas to get you thinking

Think of ways in which to attract your consumers to purchase or rent upcoming movies, such as Venom (at cinemas October 5) or Jumanji (available to download from April 14).

You may decide to create a marketing campaign that promotes the benefits for your consumers or you could propose additional benefits to shoppers that improve what they receive when they purchase or rent a digital movie.

Perhaps you would like to include upcoming movies to add colour to your pitch.
For additional inspiration and tips, head to our learning section.

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