Three ways to hack the system and become the perfect candidate for your dream job

Do you know someone who seems to be getting all the internships while you’re still struggling to get even one response to your countless applications? 

How is it possible they get all the chances while your skills seem to go unnoticed? 

So what can you do to become the person who lands their dream job? 

We’re not saying getting an internship is easy. Don’t get us wrong. Even when we talk about hacks they require you to think outside the box and go that extra mile. 

This article is not about holding back and waiting for chances to fall in your lap by a stroke of luck. This article is here to help you navigate through your job search and stand out from everyone else who wants the same opportunity! 

It can take a lot effort to land the job of your dreams (but you knew that already). In the end it’ll be worth it! 

If you’ve caught the interview with Anisha that we published on Facebook and also Youtube, you will have already heard the great advice she shared; 

Anisha got her internship because she was sharing her work on Instagram and also talked to people about the things she felt passionate about. She wasn’t job hunting. She was open when speaking about her personal interests and genuinely sharing what she was most excited about. Her internship was offered to her because she was a natural fit. 

Applying for internships often feels daunting because you don’t have much to show that distinguishes you from others. Unless you’re prepared to create something that does! And that’s the real secret of landing a dream job; you need to make it a no brainer for people to want you to get involved in their project or position they are hiring for. 

So how do you present your experiences in a way that people will notice you are the right candidate? 

Research what your dream employer shares on social media 

Nowadays it’s fairly easy to learn more about the values and future plans of a company. Whether they have an Instagram account, a Facebook page, LinkedIn or a website, they’re filled with content you can use to try to understand what the company is looking for. 

With LifeStart Challenges, we’re making this even easier for you since every challenge is something a company wants to learn more about.

When doing research; analyse what companies talk about, what sort of partners, collaborators and people they want to be associated with. 

You don’t need to write a ton of application letters. You just need to write a few if you talk about the right things. 

Share your work to be the standout candidate

The most outstanding candidates have personal projects demonstrating their skills. 

Maybe they aren’t even thinking of applying. Yet, they seem to be a natural fit and so they’ll be recommended or found.

Having a personal project that you talk about online next to all the other things you do for uni does of course cost time. Yet, these side projects are what make you a standout candidate.

Your submission to a LifeStart Challenge can be a way to show what you’re good at and add something to your application which shows how you’re different. Maybe you’ll also want to create your own project. 

The trick here is if you’re truly passionate about a subject, it shouldn’t feel tiresome. Ideally, it should fill you with joy and excitement to work on something you actually believe in over a longer period of time. You then just need to give people time to realise what you’re good at and how your skills can help their business. 

Connect with like-minded people by attending events 

Having an actual work reference helps make you the ‘no-brainer’ candidate. Yet it’s always easier to get your foot into the (right) door, if you know people in the industry or even the company itself. 

It might take a while to research what events are the right events for you. So here are some tips to get you started; 

  • Google coworking spaces, museums and communities in the area and look at their events section on their website and their Facebook page. Subscribe to their newsletter. Make sure you don’t lose sight of what’s on. Many museums and galleries invite people to openings, many coworking spaces host events. Regardless of the area that you’re interested in, think of community spaces that attract your sort of people.
  • Have you ever thought of attending a conference or a barcamp? Many offer discounted tickets or are even looking for volunteers to join them for the day.
  • Google the field you’re interested in and ‘conference’ or the name of the company and also ‘conference’ or ‘barcamp’ with a little bit of luck you should get some leads to interesting events.
  • This may take slightly more time, but is worth that extra effort: research people on LinkedIn. Look up the company’s name and go through the list of employees. Look for the ones who work in the departments you’d be keen on joining and then look them up on Twitter or Instagram. Have they shared something about events they’ve attended? Chances are high they’ll do so again. You can also tweet them directly and ask whether there is an event they would recommend. Try to include why you admire what they do and explain that you’d like to meet more people like them. Polite flattery and reminding people that you’re human can go a long way!
  • Last, but not least, we should also mention you have us, the LifeStart bonus. Have you seen we organize #LifeStartCareerChats? Here you have the opportunity to get to know interesting people over a dinner or afternoon tea. There is hardly a better, more convenient way to build your network.

Just to sum things up; familiarize yourself with the branch you’re interested in, have something to show and talk about online and offline and go to events to connect to people in the industry. These three hacks will help you be the standout candidate.