Gaining experience for your CV – where to begin, and how social media can help!

‘It’s a very short life, there’s no reason not to go after what sets your soul on fire’.

Hi guys! It’s Ames. So, I wanted to talk to you about gaining experience, where to look for it, and how it can help you create a CV that really makes YOU stand out from the crowd. It’s really not as daunting and as complicated as it sounds, even small tricks and tips can help you along the way to becoming the best version of you, that you can be.

Firstly, it’s GREAT to start early when gaining experience as the earlier you start, the more motivated and driven you’re going to seem. I got a part time job at a pub on the side of school when I was around 16. It was an absolute drag turning up on a Wednesday night, after a long day at school, when all I really wanted to do was go home and eat a choc biscuit. BUT it showed dedication and perseverance, a quality essential to employers. (As well as the ability to earn some cash at a young age haha)! Even if you pick up just a couple of hours here and there at your local café, the qualities you learn, such as teamwork, patience, and people skills, will automatically make you more employable.

Another tip which runs along the same lines, is gaining a week’s worth of work experience with a company whilst you’re in school. Believe me, it’s far easier to fit it into a school holiday in comparison to when you’re at university!!! The sixth form I attended did actually make a week’s work experience compulsory, so I stayed in London with my uncle whilst I completed the week at a publisher’s near Covent Garden. It honestly opened my eyes to the big world we live in, made me more streetwise and showed me possibilities I thought were out of my reach. Me being a country bumpkin, having relatives living in a big city was a great help when it came to looking for work experience – think about whether you have anyone you could stay with in any cities alike, as it’s got to be said there is a lot more opportunity to be had, compared to lil’ country villages. Working at a company, whether big or small can be a massively nerve jolting situation, but I can promise you the benefits are totally worth it.

SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s one of the greatest platforms for gaining experience, (in my opinion anyway haha)! The fact that it’s free makes it even greater/better. Take advantage of that. Whether it’s Instagram, Youtube or WordPress, create an account that you are passionate about. If you have passion it tends to shine through your work, not only this but it gives you the drive you need to succeed! Use your passion to create tunnel vision, tunnel vision that will lead you to your dream career. Not only do social media accounts capture your creative side, but they can also show the employer you are dedicated and determined. My Youtube account didn’t take off straight away, however after a lot of time and effort to perfect my videos and find my niche, it’s gradually started to grow. You could be in exactly the same situation. Creating online content is particularly good if you are maybe looking into marketing or content creation, it shows the employer you are investing time in practise! We all know social media platforms are becoming saturated with content including a lot of fake accounts, but that should never let it deter you. You never know you may find your passion lies in one of these platforms. For me, my Instagram account allows my ‘passion for fashion’, (as cringe as it sounds), to shine through, whilst I’m also able to use my Youtube to help others and create vlogs I’m proud of.

That’s the most important thing, to feel proud of yourself. With a little motivation and confidence you can all get yourself an amazing, and unique CV.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Head over to your careers department at your school or university. They are trained professionals and will put you in the right direction!
  • Speak to family members, maybe you could do some work experience with them. It really doesn’t matter what kind of job it is, anything helps advance your CV!
  • Create a blog – WordPress is a great FREE platform to explore.
  • YOUTUBE! It’s a great place to gain confidence, as it means you putting yourself out there. The videos don’t need to be great quality, start for yourself, nobody else.
  • If you feel as though you have limited resources, social media is a great place to start. Take a break from studying and head over to the library computers. Make a Pinterest account and start on those mood-boards! E.G house goals. Setting yourself goals for the future will give you the little push you need.

Thanks so much for reading you guys, I hope it helped you out a little, you got this!
Ames x


Amy Banks genuinely loves sharing her experiences of being a student at the Lincoln University. Not only is she one of our Social Reporters, she also has her own YouTube Channel. If you’re into fashion or want to follow her life at uni then you might want to subscribe.