Creating your perfect space at University – without breaking the bank!

After being inspired by the lifestyle book, The Little Book of Hygge, I had the urge to make my room all cosy and ready for the winter. Given well be soon studying for exams, it doesn’t hurt to add extra attention to our rooms.

In this blog post I wanted to focus on the idea of creating a space around you that will enhance the feeling of relaxation. Therefore, hopefully reducing the amount of stress a student, like yourself, can feel. BUT, without having to fork out a great deal of money.

The Little Book of Hygge, basically summarises the Danish way of living, and concentrates on making the home a safe, cosy and atmospheric space, special to you. Something that really stood out to me, was the idea of having a rainy day box stored in your room, for those gloomy days that perhaps need a little cheering up!

If you’d like to make yourself one, just grab an old box – can even be just a cardboard box – and put some of your fave bits and bobs inside. Mine has chocolate, fluffy socks, and my favourite DVD, Bridesmaids. Store this box of favourites underneath your bed, and there you go, a little box of happiness that you can bring out on those glum days or when results day didn’t go that well.

I’d also recommend taking some time on your bedroom décor. Fairy lights, cute copper baskets and candles will help make the perfect cosy bedroom. I find that if I’m struggling to write an essay, the lighting and feeling of ‘cosiness’, can really help. It’s all about the atmosphere! Head down to the high street or a second hand market and pick up some cheap fairy lights. Drape the lights down the side of your wall, add little wooden pegs and attach pictures to them. I find that fairy lights and pictures make a great combo, whilst also reminding you of friends and family. Another thing: candles!!! Candles immediately bring a sense of tranquillity into a room, especially scented ones. I don’t know about you, but Christmas scented candles actually bring me happiness! I’m already lighting them and it’s only October. Whether the depths of winter or the height of summer, you don’t need to buy the fanciest candles going. There are some really lovely smelling candles that are also really cheap.

Looking around my uni room now, I feel so relaxed because I have made it into an environment I can thrive in and that inspires me to write blog posts such as this one. I really hope my blog post inspires you to create a space that also inspires you to submit to the new LifeStart Challenge. Some of the smallest things can make the biggest difference on your life. It’s all about space and so you might have the best idea while you’re asleep. Check out what you’re asked to do to win a trip to the Virgin spaceport in California!

Bye for now! I hope you enjoyed the read. And, I’ll be back again soon,

Ames x



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