A year with LifeStart

9 LifeStart Challenges, 8 #LifeStartCareerChats, 7 thousand pounds won in cash prizes, 6 LifeStart Gold Challenge winners, 5 Social Media Reporters, 4(2… 😉) Facebook live streams, 3 LifeStart Pillars, 2 #LifeStartFests and 1 INCREDIBLE LifeStart community

2018 Reflections

As we enter early 2019 and make or break New Year’s resolutions, it can be helpful to look back on what we’ve achieved the previous year.

So here’s our 2018 countdown:

LifeStart Challenges

We’ve flourished in 2018, going from 2 initial Challenges to launching 9 in total this past year! It’s been exciting, challenging, and rewarding seeing all of your incredible submissions.
We’ve been so lucky to have partnered with so many exciting companies this year for our Challenges.

This is just the list for 2018: Virgin Galactic, Sony Pictures, Virgin Money Giving, JCDecaux, Think For The Future, Salford City FC, Virgin Start-Up and Virgin Money.

We can’t wait for 2019 to reveal what else we have in store!

We hosted 8 #LifeStartCareerChats over the summer of 2018, talking to those working in the freelance world, banking, project management and more.

Mentorship and advice from people who’ve done it and are doing it, is SO IMPORTANT when trying to find your feet in this crazy world. We’re on a mission to help you find the job that you love. We don’t have all the answers, but some of our mentors might!

Cleo has summarised the key learnings from some of the events:

Eva – Project manager at V&A
Ben – Freelance WordPress developer
Helen – Ceramic Artist
Margot – Freelance writer
Rebecca – Engagement Editor at Kickstarter
Jo – Virgin Money Product Owner
Jonathan – Senior Product Manager at Intercom

LifeStart Challenge winners
What does it take to win a LifeStart Challenge?

There’s no magic formula, every single winner is remarkable and noteworthy in their own way. We’ve spoken to our previous winners about what it was like to submit, how they made their video and their hopes for the next steps. Winner interviews

From Jack who entered into 3 Challenges, eventually leading to an internship at JCDecaux and a full-time job. To Tara who entered a LifeStart Challenge for the first time and won. Winning teams like Meina & Ilkin or Mark and Nikki show that two heads can sometimes be better than one.

Lifestart Social Media Reporters

LifeStart is a very small team of hard-working individuals but one important aspect is that we’re for students by students. Despite essays, assignments and uni life keeping students busy, we brought on board 5 Social Media Reporters to write blogs, vlog and help spread the word about LifeStart across campuses.

Want to join the team and earn some cash too? APPLY HERE

Facebook Lives
Nearly every Sunday for the past year, Cleo or Dan (if you were lucky both of them!) hosted a Facebook Live to update the community. Broadcasting what’s been happening in the LifeStart universe to the internet.

We saw everything from backwards writing, to desk drum kits! (Almost) each week we gave away £100 Virgin Experience Day vouchers, shared practical advice and news about LifeStart. You can take a look back and marvel at how far we’ve come!

LifeStart Pillars
Still not sure what Lifestart is.
We’re made up of 3 main parts; Challenges, Community and Events. It’s become a bit of a magic three.  —– Welcome to LifeStart!

We had two AMAZING events this year, the #LifeStartFest in London and then in Bangor. Bringing together students, speakers, pizza and inspiration abound, we love to bring LifeStart off your screen and deliver it in real life (and then back on the screen for you to be able to watch the keynote speeches).
The beginning of the year was at University of the Arts London(UAL). We were terrified! It snowed, it was a risk and we weren’t sure if anyone was going to turn up……

But they did (of course!) and we learnt so much from our speakers, mentors and all the participants who came along.

Because we liked it so much, we knew we had to do it again! Considering all the countless winners that kept coming out of Bangor (Annabel, Jack, Meina and Ilkin, Abigail, Tara) we knew where we had to hold the next one at the University of Bangor of course!

Welsh weather was a lot kinder than the previous time. We had sunny blue skies and once again an incredible day of speeches, chats and workshops.

Have a location idea for the next #LifeStartFest?! Let us know via email: info@studentlifestart.com

Last, but not least, we have to thank each and every one of you for continuing to believe in Lifestart.
Whether we’ve met you offline or online, you’ve entered a Challenge (or not just yet) – we need to extend a huge THANKS for coming on this journey with us and believing in the project.
We’re hoping to be even bigger and better in 2019 – so continue to share it with your friends so we can ensure that we continue to improve and help make everyone better off.