A very student Christmas!

Are you a first year student wondering how you are going to make it feel like Christmas on your first year away from home? Or maybe you are someone who is just looking for ideas on how to enjoy the build up to Christmas when the work seems to be piling up? As a third year Drama and Theatre arts student at Goldsmiths who absolutely loves Christmas, I would love to share with you some simple ideas and things I have done myself to get in the spirit whilst being at university.

This top ten list should help get the ball rolling for all you student Christmas lovers out there:

Deck the halls

et yourself some CHEAP Christmas decorations from some pound shops to get you started. Start decorating your room or filling your flat/house/halls whatever it may be with the Christmas spirit! Or if you’re an artsy soul why not make your own decorations. It’s simple to make some snazzy paper chains or a DIY Christmas wreath; if you’re struggling have a cheeky google of some ideas. It is true when people say you are shaped by your environment; once you start surrounding yourself with these festive decorations, your one step closer to becoming the innocent Christmas loving Cindy Lou you know you are deep down.

A Christmas meal

Plan a Christmas Dinner with your fellow flat/house mates on a budget! Get everyone to pitch in and replace the turkey for something cheaper like chicken or beef if you’re a veggie or vegan why not try a roast vegetable and nut loaf? The more of you the better, so you can spread the cost! Try local markets for things like vegetables and potatoes as well. Additionally, if you are in your first year and haven’t spent any quality time with your flatmates yet it’s a great way to start building those bonds. (P.S don’t forget the Christmas crackers!)

Lights, camera, get the popcorn ready!

Plan a Christmas film marathon… Everyone loves a good cheesy Christmas film; most students have Netflix or student Amazon prime! Get watching. It’s a cheap way to get excited about the build up to Christmas, PLUS it requires warm pyjamas and hot drinks. Forget waiting in the cold for a taxi back from the club at 4 am, I know how I’d rather spend my Friday nights.

Get creative

Miss entering Santa’s grotto as a child? There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. Instead of comparing your grades to your friends and flatmates, why not compare how much your room looks like Santa’s grotto?! Let your creativity roam free. Just take it easy on the tinsel though, they malt more than your dog.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Buy yourself a cheap Christmas Yankee candle. Or in other words a smelly candle. Any Cinnamon or tangerine scent should easily do the trick! Or look for DIY recipes to make your own.

Have a lit Christmas

See your local Christmas lights switch ons. This again is usually free of charge and acts as a nice trip out with friends or maybe even a nice idea to take someone for a date.

Listen to some classic Christmas bangers

It doesn’t start feeling like Christmas until all the tunes are blaring out. Get that Christmas Spotify playlist on! Or if you’re that person at a party always queuing the songs, why not make your own? It’s nice to pick and choose your favourites; if you’re not a fan of Justin Bieber’s mistletoe, you can give that one an easy miss too.

A time of giving

Plan a Christmas Secret Santa with your uni mates. It’s common knowledge as uni students we know we are not going to be able to shower all of our friends with gifts, mainly just because we don’t have that kind of money or time. So setting a budget as a group to choose a person out of a hat perfectly rectifies this problem.

And lastly..

Plan an ugly Christmas jumper party or gathering. No more needs to be said.

If you’re really stressing about how you would even have the time or money for any of the above, a simple mince pie break from library will make all the difference. Believe me. Happy festivities!

Until next time,



April Spiers likes sharing the genuine student experience. A drama student at Goldsmiths in London, she splits her time between working, studying and socialising. For LifeStart April lifts the curtain of how it is to study in London and spending your days and nights rehearsing for shows.